takealookblog.com has been a lot dealing with a lot of different things over the years, depending on what interested me at the time. 

Today, takealookblog.com documents my nomadic lifestyle that stared in July 2017 when I made a decision to become home-flexible. The nature of my remote work allows me to live wherever I feel like, so I thought to take advantage of that and start travelling and exploring. 

These days I see the term digital nomad being thrown around a lot, but I don't see myself as one, I'd rather refer to my lifestyle as home-flexible, as I still have a base, but I chose to live in different locations, sometimes, weeks at the time. Also, I don't really like being a tourist, I'd much rather settle in and get to know the culture, lifestyle and country fully.

So, takealookblog.com is just this, it's a documentation of my travels and all things I enjoy, cities, mountains, cute cafes, restaurants, cakes, photography, lebensfreude and wanderlusting. I wish to use this space to recommend good locations for people like me, who work remotely, and share some good tips on what to do and where to eat well in the places I visit. 

I hope you'll enjoy taking a look around! 

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